ISO 14000, Environmental Management, Sustainability

Implementing an ISO 14001
Environmental Management System

A case study of environmental training and awareness at the
Vancouver International Airport Authority

ISO 14000, Environmental Management, Sustainability

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Patrick Yarnell
1616 Graveley Street Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
V5L 3A7

The following is the abstract from Mr. Yarnell's master's thesis.

Improving the environmental performance of corporations is one way of limiting environmental damage. Environmental management systems (EMS's), such as ISO 14001, provide a framework for organizations that wish to effectively manage their environmental affairs. Implementing an EMS that conforms to the ISO 14001 standard may help businesses integrate environmental values into their operations.

This research helps bridge the gap between EMS theory and business practices. Its goals were to identify challenges associated with training and awareness components of an ISO-based EMS and to propose training initiatives that may help organizations achieve successful EMS implementation. These goals were fulfilled through a case study of Vancouver International Airport Authority.

The study identified developing a common vision of environmental performance as a key to successful EMS implementation. It also proposed an awareness-based approach to EMS that focuses on shared vision and feedback between different hierarchical levels within an organization. The recommendations of this study present detailed management processes and initiatives that could help the Airport Authority improve implementation of its "Air Quality Management Program," as well as its overall programs for "Environmental Training" and "Awareness and Communication."

An awareness-based approach may also help stakeholders monitor an organizationís success with integrating environmental policies into its day-to-day operations. Although the ISO standard is useful as an EMS framework, meeting ISO 14001ís minimum requirements will not necessarily improve a companyís environmental performance. It is the commitment of an organization and its employees, driven by environmental regulations and pressure from stakeholders, which determines the extent to which an organization will achieve leading-edge environmental management.

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